Setup your Store

Set up your store and sell on GoOrdR. showcase and sell your products online across india and the world by using readily available API’s and product enrichment tools.

Outlet Sales Increase

See an increase in Top-up orders, upto 15% on average for active users, with customers no longer relying on Salesman visits for keeping their shelves stocked.

Seize New Opportunities for Growth

With a well-planned ecommerce strategy, You can tap into a huge audience of willing B2B buyers who are hungry for a convenient, straight-forward shopping experience



A team of highly skilled, knowledgeable and motivated professionals at Vxceed form the core members behind the creators of the game changing GoOrdR consumer app.

At Vxceed we are fully engaged in developing an innovative, highly optimized, robust, and reliable solution which will ensure that your products will always be show cased in the best possible light in a clean, professional UI with an amazing in-app experience for your Buyers. Leveraging the very best, state-of-the art technologies in cloud computing and analytics. We provide you insights on your customers buying patterns allowing you to strategically plan for promotions and new intiatives.

Vxceed is a leading provider and creator of specialized delivery solutions in the supply chain fulfillment space, covering demand analysis and fulfillment, and delivery optimization to ensuring proven order management, merchandizing, and delivery capabilities by employing organic optimization and experiential software building blocks to ensure timely and efficient order fulfillment experiences.

Our delivery optimization solutions deploy only the very best technology standards to harness the power of high-end mobility and cloud-based technologies, reflecting our focus on raising the bar for Supply Chain Fulfillment and delivery effectiveness.